The organisation provides one-to-one equine and forest school enabling and empowering sessions using ponies as partners and the outdoor environment.

We also provide small group sessions for local Primary Schools and other youth organisations.​​​​​​​

If you would like to see some of the activities we get up to and hear from parents themselves then please take a look at our Introductory Video Clip:

We provide equine assisted learning and forest friends experiences to improve emotional, social, behaviour, academic and economic disadvantage for children who require an alternative approach to learning across lanarkshire

The service contributes to meeting Scottish Government National Outcomes in relation to children ‘Our Children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed’.  Scottish Government recognise that it is during the earliest years that a large part of the pattern of our future adult life is set.  This service contributes to investing in children and will pay dividends for them in terms of emotional outcomes, health outcomes and future life prospects.  Providing services that improve life skills in early years also pays dividends for society as a whole, not only in social capita but also in economic terms

The service aligns with both North and South Lanarkshire Council Corporate Plans which indicate:

  • NLC  vision is to make North Lanarkshire a place where people, particularly children, and young people are safe, nurtured, healthy, achieving, active, respected, responsible and included by 2020.
  • SLC vision is to raise educational achievement and attainment through early years intervention, increased involvement in lifelong learning and improving outcomes for individual children through collaborative action by professionals for children and their families.

We can help educators to demonstrate that they are making positive steps to bridge attainment gaps for children within our local communities.  Sessions can be recorded on our Equitots Manager App which provides a baseline position with regards to communication and resilience, progress can then be monitored through our weekly sessions and we can begin to demonstrate a positive improvement in how children communicate and make decisions


One to One Lessons:

We offer one to one Ride with Confidence lessons with a BHS qualified instructor.  Lessons are 30 mins and are on a one to one basis.  During the lesson the participant will learn about horse care and riding.  Lessons cost £20. Maximum weight limit 10st.


We offer 1.5 hour sessions for a maximum of 4 children at a cost of £80.  We recommend children attend for a minimum of five weeks as a block to receive the most out of our service. The longer children can engage in this environment the more comfortable and confident they become which is then demonstrated in their improved learning. We can arrange for participants to engage in Hi5 Awards, BHS Challenge Awards and or BHS Achieve Awards, please discuss your requirements with us and we can advise of any additional costs.  Group bookings for five week programmes cost £400 for the whole group.  Maximum weight limit 10st.


Around two thirds of the session time is spent with horses/ponies observing their environment, being on horseback and taking part in experiential learning activities.  The sessions are broken down into easy sequences that are repeated each week to enable children to form an understanding that can be used in their day to day lives.  Equitots Lanarkshire CIC offers a safe, natural ‘yes’ environment for children to explore, ask questions, be involved and independent.  The time here can be spent playing, running and enjoying the freedom of being in a ‘yes’ environment without realising they are learning!

What to Wear and Bring:

Children will be provided with waterproof trousers, jackets and wellingtons if required or are welcome to bring their own. It is useful to bring a change of clothes for children as some of the activities can be messy

Our only requirement is for children to wear closed toe shoes.  It can be cold here during the winter months and we would recommend a warm jacket, hats and gloves if possible.

Equitots Lanarkshire CIC will provide riding helmets of the required safety standard for sessions.  The wearing of riding helmets when working with ponies and riding is mandatory and children will not be allowed to ride without one.  We understand that some children may have sensory issues with regards to wearing a riding helmet, however, we are unable to allow anyone on a horse without one due to our insurance requirements and for health and safety purposes

  • Location
  • Accessibility
  • Professional recognised qualifications
  • Experience
  • Indemnity insurance
  • Safety/Risk Assessments
  • Cost
  • Access to kinetic learning
  • Access to experiential learning
  • Improved learning outcomes
  • The only equine assisted learning provider in Lanarkshire who provide back-riding with a qualified riding instructor

Factors that will help you to choose to access this service?

Insurance requirements:

Equitots Lanarkshire CIC has Professional Liability and Indemnity Insurance provided by Shearwater Insurance and Birnbeck Insurance.



Forest Friend sessions last two hours and cost £7.50 per child.  Forest Friends takes place monthly, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

We can accommodate a maximum of 10 children per leader.  Bookings should be made direct with Lee via our Facebook page or the Contact Us Submission Form on this website.


A 2 hour session for 10 children costs £50.  We recommend children attend for a minimum of five weeks as a block to receive the most out of our service. 

A 5 week block for 10 children costs £250 in total.

Payment and Cancellations Equine Assisted Learning And Forest Friends


Sessions must be paid by Bank Transfer or Paypal 24 hours in advance of session.  Where a session is cancelled without 24 hours notice no refund will be provided.  Should a session be paid and it needs to be cancelled by Equitots Lanarkshire CIC without 24 hours notice due to adverse weather or an emergency then a full refund will be provided


In some instances we are able to offer funded places to schools, these will generally run as five week blocks.  Any cancellation during the five week block will not be carried forward.

Schools/Groups will be required to pay £125 deposit on booking and £125 on completion of the five week block and for individual sessions the full cost of session (£50) will be required five days in advance of visit.  Any cancellation during the five week block has potential to be carried forward to a mutually agreed date if this can be accommodated

Free Sessions: 

On occasion Equitots Lanarkshire will offer free sessions to schools to enable reflective feedback so we can make service improvements or where we are undertaking research or working in partnership with another funder

Ride With Confidence: 

A 1-to-1 horse care and riding lesson designed to promote confidence and ability. Ideal for those who require a quieter environment, a one to one approach and who need to gain confidence with horses. 

Sessions suitable for all and cost 20 for half hour. A five week block is recommended. 

​​​​​​​We can also offer small group activities and sensory track walks for children age 3+.